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  Condom with 53 mm nominal width. This is the second size up and is most popular. It comes in exciting colors


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Cola Black
Glyde Ultra 53mm
Choice of 6,8,12 or 16 condoms - loose pack - not in box.

Includes delivery within Australia. For other country, please add $3
Condom 53mm


Condom by Glyde Ultra 53 mm .

Condoms come in many sizes and it is wise and more pleasurable to use a size that fits you perfectly. This is Utra 53mm. Just perfect.

This condom according to the manufacturer Glyde Health is made from the highest quality latex and uses a patented "double dipping" manufacturing process which makes the condom strong without making it thicker. The result is a sheer, ultra fine sheath of just 65 microns thin. It is one of the thinnest and most comfortable condoms available.

  • nominal width - 539mm
  • colour - natural
  • tip type - reservoir
  • lubricated - silicone
  • packaging - loose pack , not in box.
  • expiry date : August 2015

You have to try this size. Not the small not the biggest. At 53mm nominal width. Just perfect.

This is Condom Globalstore where you will find find low priced cheap 53mm condoms for ultra fit.