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Hotel accommodation and Holiday apartment
in Australia and Asia.

MXP Globalstore makes booking your property easy. Benefit from our service. Our list of participating properties are growing from most luxurious hotel to a more modest lodges. Try us. You will be glad you did. 
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Participate ...
Who     if you are:
  • hotelier
  • sales manager for group of hotels
  • on-site manager
  • holiday unit owner/manager
  • holiday home owner/manager
  • holiday unit/apartments owner/manager
  • B & B, motel,  lodges, motor inns, operator

We invite you to join us.

What we do...

We put a link from our website to your website. We charge $110 per year.

What is next?

To get started simply fill in the form below.  Once we received the completed form, we will contact you to provide further details. If you have some questions please email us on admin(at)mxp.com.au or call (02) 9416 8458

Your email
Please repeat email
Your Name and your role
(i.e.  John Smith - onsite manager)
Name of your property
(i.e.  Sunset View Apartments)
Address of the property
Area ( i e. Gold Coast )
URL ( Your website)
Thank you for your interest in participating in MXP Globalstore.  Once you press submit , we will reply with a straight forward details.

Please understand though, that we reserve the right to accept or refuse participation with or without reason.



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