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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your success rate?  If you mean how many properties advertised in our website get sold , we are unable to answer that. Because honestly, we don't know.  As you can understand, we only rely on the feedbacks of our advertisers.  What we can tell is that, the feedback/comments from our advertisers are very good.  Often, we get "thank you" messages from owners and agents telling us that the property has been sold and that they are happy with the responses generated by the advertisement.

Are there a lot of people looking at your website? From where?  We averages 8,000 hits a day and growing. Hits are mostly from Australia, US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Hongkong, New Zealand , basilly hits are coming from everywhere including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia..  

Do you charge commission?  No, we do not charge commission.  All you pay is our advertising charge from as low as $39.00 for a year or until the property is sold, whichever comes first.

I am not connected to the internet and I don't have email address, can I still advertise?  Yes. email address is not a must, but it is highly recommended. 

How do I send you the photo?  You may send it by post . Or by  attachment to email.  If by attachment, we prefer jpg format,  size (140 by 90 pixels, approx) for the "boxed style" advertisement.  

I like to advertise and my choice is the editorial style. How do I go about it. ?  As editorial style and premium style is more involved, please send us the photos and the wordings by mail.

I'm interested in listing our home for sale thru your pages but have a couple of Qs. I have found that many of your links are not working eg I tried the first couple of homes for sale on your opening page & came up with Not Found then in How To Advertise I clicked on 'See Example' at bottom of page & got the same result. Secondly, I found your page a couple of days ago thru a general Search but lost the URL then tried many times & various searchwords to get it again, without success, until today. Why is this? Obviously I want to think people are going to find my ad easily thru the most common keywords - I used 'real estate northern new south wales'. Finally, can you pls tell me how many hits you have per day. ?  AThere a number of reason why link are not working. The most common one would be because the property has been sold and we were not advised so, by advertisers . We however try to keep the pages updated. Another reason is when there is a problem with the server. This is the limitation of the technology. ( think of it as like using the mobile phone when the line drops .We have now corrected the "see example". It was error in our side. Search -- searching is control by search engine. Unfortunately it is beyond the scope of our service to explain this. Hits per day -- as number of hits are now becoming irrelevant , we do not count hits anymore.


The service we offer is an online presence of your advertisement, but due to limitation in technology we are unable to guarantee that it would be online 100% all the time. We also do not guarantee, that it will be seen easily by people, nor the advertisement will appear by using specific keywords.

However, the fact that you saw our site, proves that we are being seen.


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